Dancing Philosopher(IV)
by Chris Gollon
monotype 27″ x 21″(68 x 53cms) ink on 300g Arches paper 2010

Chris Gollon

IAP Fine Art has worked with Chris Gollon in publishing editions of prints since 1996. IAP Fine art has also supported Gollon’s innovative approach to the making of monotypes since 2000. In 2007, film maker Ronny Haynes began making short films of Chris Gollon making monotypes and silk-screen prints, which may be seen at the official Chris Gollon website.

George Melly Singing
by Maggi Hambling
silk-screen print on 270g Moulin de Gue fine art paper 2006. Paper size: 24.5″ x 20″(62 x 51cms). Image size: 20″ X 15″(51X38cms) Edition of 100

Maggi Hambling

IAP Fine Art began publishing silk-screen prints with Maggi Hambling in 1998, helping to raise funds for Terrence Higgins Trust. We also hold a stock of monotypes from the Jemma series, and selected drawings.

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