Peter Howson

‘Untitled (I)’ (left) is one of three works by Peter Howson that we are pleased to offer. For details and to see more, please visit the Gallery section below. 


 Peter Howson

Peter Howson OBE (born 1958) is a contemporary British artist and leading figure of the Scottish figurative painting movement of the 1980s. His influences include traditional graphic illustration and printmaking, as well as German and British figurative painters such as Johannes Grützke and Francis Bacon. Born in London, he studied at the Glasgow School of Art. Howson draws from his own life to inform his work, channeling his firsthand experiences with mental illness and war through haunting and hyper-violent images that can be, at times, hard to look at. He notably served as Britain’s official war artist during the 1993 Bosnian Civil War, traveling and documenting the horrors of armed conflict, with his paintings regularly appearing in the London Times. Howson is the recipient of numerous honours and awards for his contributions to the visual arts, notably the Order of the British Empire (OBE) (which he returned to the Queen in 2014 due to his being uncomfortable with British foreign policy).