Birds (II)


The mirrors in this series juxtapose nineteenth century bird prints with contemporary minimalism, this is second of six unique mirrors and is in a portrait format. The top section features three glazed hand coloured prints, dating from 1802, and three painted glass panels. The frame is constructed in beech wood with four painted wood stripes running horizontally across the frame.

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Possible Mirror

IAP Fine Art is delighted to exclusively offer for sale a selection of unique and limited edition mirrors. They are hand-made by artist-designer Possible Mirror based in Spitalfields, London.

Old and modern masters inspire the composition and colours of these striking mirrors. In addition, they may also incorporate images by a particular artist or have original artworks referencing an artist. Some artists cited to date include: Brice Marden, Ellsworth Kelly, Seurat, Donald Judd, Imi Knoebel, Yves Klein, Gene Davis, and Ghirlandaio.

These mirrors are specifically designed for homes of art lovers with a view to complimenting the paintings, sculptures, prints and ceramics they hold. Please note that Possible Mirror also welcomes making work to commission – do contact us for more information.

“Our mirrors should be attractive in their own right – the artist reference is a bonus. We aim to produce items that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and totally different from what is already available in the market place.”

Possible Mirror