Eleanor McEvoy is one of Ireland’s most revered singer-songwriters, with such songs as ‘Sophie’, ‘Harbour’ and, of course, ‘Only A Woman’s Heart’, which gave its title to the best-selling album in Irish chart history. She is a collector of Chris Gollon’s work, and from 2015 - 2017, the two enjoyed a very productive period of artistic boundary crossing, with paintings inspiring songs that then inspired paintings, resulting in the album and painting collection NAKED MUSIC, and subsequently Gimme Some Wine.  The NAKED MUSIC songbook, with her songs accompanied by the Gollon paintings they inspired, as well as interviews with Chris and Eleanor can be purchased here: Gallery Shop.  


 In 2020, IAP Fine Art helped produce a mini documentary featuring Eleanor McEvoy, entitled ‘Gimme Some Wine: The Story of a Song’, charting the origin of the song she wrote for and dedicated to Chris Gollon, and the twenty-three paintings the song inspired. Eleanor McEvoy will also feature in the forthcoming TV documentary on Chris Gollon’s work. The title track of her 2021 album 'Gimme Some Wine' is the song she wrote and dedicated to Chris Gollon, and the album cover includes his painting 'Gimme Some Wine - Final Version', which the song inspired. We cannot recommend enough both Eleanor's albums, and seeing her in concert, with upcoming tour dates on her website.