Nick Soulsby, Thurston Moore & ‘House of Sleep’

I’m delighted that the collector who owns ‘House of Sleep’ by Chris Gollon will be lending it to ‘Chris Gollon: Beyond the Horizon’ the 3-month solo museum exhibition of his music-related works, which we are co-curating this autumn. In 1998, along with several other artists including Yoko Ono, Gavin Turk and David Bowie, British artist Chris Gollon was handed a 60-second tape by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, with the instruction to respond visually to the music. The result of this multi-media artistic collaboration for the ‘ROOT’ exhibition at the Chisenhale Gallery, London, was the start of Gollon’s fascination with ‘boundary crossing’ (how one art form can influence another and lead it to new areas of thought and feeling). Thurston’s tape was a strange sort of clanging, that reminded Gollon of a scene in the film Jeremiah Johnson, when Robert Redford makes the mistake of crossing into the Native American burial grounds, where charms hung from the trees and pyres, and only the mad, the dead or fools were allowed.