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    Possible Mirror is an artist-designer with a studio based in the historic Spitalfields area of East London.

    All the mirrors are hand made with expert craftsmanship in the London Studio. They are designed for the homes of art lovers with a view to complimenting the paintings, sculptures and prints they have in their collection.


    The  main collection of these unique and striking  mirrors is inspired  by a love of art ranging  from the Old Masters to contemporary painters and sculptors. Their compositions and colours often reference a specific artist, which to date include : Max Bill, Brice Marden, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Mangold, Kazimir Malevich, Imi Knoebel, and Gene Davis. Some works may also incorporate images by a particular artist - Georges Seurat and Domenico Ghirlandaio are two such examples, shown here: 2018


    In addition to single mirrors the innovative multi-part Modular Mirrors are inspired by classic Minimalist Art. 

    These are dynamic works, as they can be displayed in varied configurations to suit different situations, decor or spaces. The studio  is also designing and making a growing range of  Shelf Mirrors . These were originally conceived to display ceramics, allowing studio pottery to be seen from both the front and the back simultaneously.


    Most of the works by Possible Mirror shown here are made as unique pieces. However variations can also be commissioned specifically for an interior or an art collection. This gives infinite flexibility, allowing the final size, colour combinations, materials and type of wood all to be tailored to suit individual needs and spaces. 


    Possible Mirror is happy to offer advice on making the best choice of mirror, and also welcomes commissions to design and produce entirely new pieces for the home or for corporate spaces. Enquiries from interior designers and architects are also welcome.


     “Our mirrors should be attractive in their own right – the artist reference is a bonus. We aim to produce works that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and unique, totally different from what is already available in the market place.” Possible Mirror


    "Many of our collectors have enjoyed commissioning Possible Mirror to make bespoke designs to reflect the colours or make up of an interior or an art collection. This has often enhanced an art collection, and the art-related mirror then also becomes a part of it."

    David Tregunna,  Director, IAP Fine Art


    IAP Fine Art represents Possible Mirror exclusively, please contact us for more information.