Boot Hill

by Chris Gollon

40” x 30” (101 x 76 cm), acrylic on canvas, 2004

This work was painted at the same period as ‘Einstein & The Jealous Monk’ (after Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row), the latter acquired by the Huddersfield Art Gallery in 2005, for its permanent collection. Both works will feature in the museum retrospective CHRIS GOLLON: Beyond the Horizon at the Huddersfield Art Gallery in autumn 2019, showcasing Gollon’s music related works. ‘Boot Hill’ takes its title from a line in a song ‘Billy 1’ on Bob Dylan’s album ‘Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid’, which was the soundtrack to the Peckinpah film of the same title. In the old Wild West, the town cemeteries we sometimes referred to as ‘boot hill’ because they would steal your boots before burying you. This painting, with its great use of cadmium yellow, will now have museum provenance and will feature in the exhibition catalogue, and may be viewed 12th Oct 2019 to 4th Jan 2020. Details here: CHRIS GOLLON: Beyond the Horizon.