Humanity in Art

by Tamsin Pickeral


Published by Hyde & Hughes 2010
ISBN 978-0-9563851-0-9
272 pages, 180 colour illustrations

Chris Gollon: Humanity in Art is a lively and studied account of the life and work of leading contemporary artist Chris Gollon, an artist who brings humanity in all its forms to the canvas, in works often gently ironic and markedly perceptive. This book also gives the reader insights into Gollon’s creative imagination, as well as his innovative techniques in painting and printmaking.Unconventional and often challenging, Gollon has breathed new direction into contemporary painting. Bringing his fascinating life peopled with musicians, enormous characters, strange occurrences, desperate lows and great successes to the canvas, he now counts amongst one of the twenty-first centurys most important, and charismatic artists.

Quotes from the books cover:

Chris Gollons work is wonderfully provocative and inspiring and added an exciting new dimension to the Being Human project at Durhams Institute of Advanced Study on the Palace Green world heritage site.
Bill Bryson OBE, International author and Durham University Chancellor

Like [Stanley] Spencer, he dramatises the everyday in contemporary images and, depicting our clumsy, ridiculous ordinariness, brings alive for a modern, cynical audience the ghastly dissonance of this story of good and evil, sacrifice and humanity, answering on its own terms a 21st-century culture that regards the heroic as absurd.
Critics Choice, Jackie Wullschlager, Chief Visual Arts Critic, Financial Times