Kaleidomorphism One


18-min cinematic artwork by Chris Gollon and JABOD (2008), featuring over 500 images of Chris Gollons paintings, synchronized with music by Calexico, Paolo Conte and Gavin Bryars (with Tom Waits).

A chance meeting in 2005 between British artist Chris Gollon and film makers Karl Roberts and Kim Scott of JABOD began a creative journey, leading to the production of a new cinematic art work: Kaleidomorphism One. Fifteen years of Chris Gollons paintings and imagery combine with JABODs design, rhythm and effects to create a unique film featuring a split screen moving collage set to music providing a rich sensory experience. Kaleidomorphism One was originally made as a large screen Blu-ray film installation for exhibition in galleries and museums, and was premiered in London at the East End Film Festival in 2008.

This 18-minute film is a collaborative work of art, which is only available on DVD in a limited edition of 100, all individually signed and numbered by Chris Gollon. Kaleidomorphism One will not be made available for purchase except in this limited edition, which in the same way as an edition of fine art prints, makes each numbered and signed DVD very collectable.

“This groundbreaking work, a neologism and a new cinematic art form, has broken the genre boundaries and brought together over 500 of Gollon’s art works with a mix of highly evocative music [.] a kaleidoscope of sound and colour that assail the senses with great force, and remain in the mind long after their physical presence has disappeared.”
Extract from CHRIS GOLLON: Humanity in Art by Tamsin Pickeral (Hyde & Hughes, 2010).