Unique mirror. Size: 98 x 61 x 4.5 cm (mirror panel: 56 x 56 cm), weight: 8kg. Stamped, signed and dated on the reverse.

This mirror frame has been constructed in beech wood and is hand painted. The top panel contrasts three apertures with four postcards, each framed behind museum grade glass, of a drawing by Georges Seurat (1859 – 1891). The original drawing, entitled ‘Female Nude’, is in the collection of the Courtauld Gallery, London. The base section consists of a set of vertical stripes, the proportions of which derive from the drawing. The mirror is shown here with one of framed preparatory studies.

All the colours used are from the Farrow & Ball range: Matchstick and Hardwick White for the frame, and Downpipe, Pink Ground, Blue Black and Tallow for the base stripes. The mirror is square, 4mm thick and has polished edges. It is feather floated within the central tray section, the inside of which is painted Off-Black.

The mirror frame is backed with 3mm MDF and is fitted with a split batten for secure, flush mounting to the wall.