'The Dancing Philospher' lithograph by Chris Gollon

by Chris Gollon

28″ x 22″  (71 x 56cm) lithograph on 300g Arches paper 2010. Signed edition of 10.


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This is the only edition of lithographs Chris Gollon ever made. It came about by chance. Whilst making a series of monotypes (one-off prints from smooth, un-etched plates), when the paper was pulled off one plate to reveal the image ‘The Dancing Philosopher (I)’ (see page 1 of Tamsin Pickeral’s biography), a very rare thing happened. The ink remaining on the smooth aluminium plate was not the usual abstract mush that usually gets wiped off immediately: the ink seemed very surprisingly to have stayed roughly in the shape of the image. Master printmaker Ian Wilkinson immediately had the idea to flip the plate face down onto a lithographic stone, and to use the heavy etching press to press it down on the stone, pushing the ink into the porous surface of the stone. Miraculously, the image then appeared in the stone, and Chris Gollon was asked to add more ink and brushstrokes where needed to make a slightly differing image. It then became possible to make a small edition of 10 lithographs. Chris Gollon was delighted with the outcome and how the blacks differ when printed from stone, how they can become softer. Chris Gollon made this lithograph at the Goldmark Atelier in 2010. He enjoyed and excelled in making monotypes, often re-importing the techniques used in this one-off printmaking process into his paintings. Tamsin Pickeral writes very well on this in her 2010 biography of Chris Gollon, entitled ‘Humanity in Art’, endorsed by Bill Bryson OBE. You can also watch Chris Gollon making monotypes on his official information website, here: Films.


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