A collaboration with the Sleaford Mods, using Chris Gollon's imagery: a work of art, music and film.
15 July 2020

FIREWALL is a new film installation,  an original work of art music and film, combing a moving collage of Chris Gollon’s imagery with the Sleaford Mods’ track ‘Firewall’ (Eton Alive album, 2019). Although it was made after Chris Gollon's untimely death,  it was shown  a first time in the museum retrospective of his music-related works CHRIS GOLLON: Beyond the Horizon at Huddersfield Art Gallery 12th Oct 2019 - 18th Jan 2020. It was also shown at the Louder Than Words Festival, Manchester, in November 2019, followed by a Q&A with David Tregunna (Producer) and Mark Calderbank (Director),  which discussed how the images changed the lyrics and vice versa, taking both song and imagery into new areas of thought and feeling. 


In 2020, this film has also been selected for screening in 2020 by both the Paris Short Film Festival and the Berlin Flash Film Festival.