This small, yet powerful equestrian bronze demonstrates Mel Fraser’s ability to capture serenity and movement in simple forms. The horse glances at us, its mane, represented by a smooth, rough-edged plane of bronze, caught by the wind. although one cannot see the body of the animal, the subtle detail incorporated by the artist: the bulge of the shoulder muscle and the folds in its neck, allow the viewer to feel the power of the full form of the living horse in the fleeting moment of a confident, brisk stride that Fraser has frozen in bronze.


Mel Fraser

Mel Fraser MRSS is a contemporary sculptor specialising in stone, working since the mid 1990s. She is equally at home working on abstract or figurative pieces and her work has been shown at numerous art fairs around Europe and New York, The Chelsea Flower Show, Marks Hall, Doddington and at On Form, the UK’s most prestigious sculpture exhibition devoted solely to stone.

Mel has worked in Carrara and Pietrasanta in Italy, at the quarries and stone yards in Kilkenny, Ireland and has a long collaboration with members of the Shona tribe from Zimbabwe.

Her work is held by collectors all over the world and a recent commission saw her work installed in Frank Gehry’s Opus Building in Hong Kong.

In December 2015 she finished working on a larger than life-sized piece of 3 figures in Kilkenny limestone for one of the UK’s largest trade unions, the GMB.

Mel is happy to consider commissions.